This website incorporates several features to help visitors with a variety of communication needs access information on the site.

Text Resizing

Many intenet browsers have facilities to increase and decrease text-size or zoom-in and out on web pages. This website also provides its own tool at the top of every page which allows visitors to select one of three text-size options. If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, this tool will not be available.

Colour Scheme

This site offers two different viewing schemes. The scheme can be switched between 'Default' (normal colours) and 'High Visibility' (yellow/cyan on black) using the controls at the top of each page. These controls are visually represented as two boxes containing the letter C. If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, this tool will not be available but, if supported, the colour scheme may be changed via your browser's menu.

Access Keys

  • S – Skip to main content
  • 0 – Access key details
  • 1 – Homepage
  • 2 – News (Updates, Events & Offers)
  • 3 – Sitemap
  • 4 – Contact page
  • 5 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Access keys are provided on this website to help visitors navigate using keyboard shortcuts. Your browser's help documentation should describe how to use access keys, if supported.

Further information and guidance on online accessibilty is provided by the BBC:

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