Happy New Year! Enjoy 20% off Rodenstock Ergo® lenses this season

8 January 2020
BBR Optometry is offering 20% off all Rodenstock Ergo® lenses until 29th February 2020. Pioneers of vision since 1877, Rodenstock manufactures lenses and eyewear, understands vision in its entirety and has been developing masterpieces of precision in function, material and design for almost 140 years. [More]


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BBR Optometry helps Hereford triathlete see the world in a new light

7 January 2020
The importance of being able to see clearly in most sports is critical, and crucially when you’re travelling at high speeds on a bike or running a fast pace on your feet you need to be able to see clearly ahead. Since 2018, BBR Optometry has been Jemima Cooper’s eyewear sponsor. Jemima is a Hereford-born triathlete and below she tells of her incredible journey throughout 2019 and her plans for the year ahead. [More]

BBR Optometry: Year in Review 2019

1 January 2020


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