From winning in Saint Moritz to preparing for university for triathlete Jemima

17 September 2018
Herefordshire triathlete Jemima Cooper never ceases to amaze us here at BBR Optometry. Her vision for success is something that shines through whenever we see or hear about her latest competitions or training. [More]

Hereford optometrist celebrates his 60th birthday with a present to eyecare in Cambodia

10 August 2018
For many turning 60 years of age is yet another milestone in life, but for Hereford optometrist and businessman Nick Rumney, it has been about helping ensure eyecare professionals in Cambodia can prov... [More]

What is causing my eyelid to twitch?

27 February 2016
Eyelid twitching, or mykoymia as it is known medically, can be irritating for some people, leaving them with an irrepressible urge to blink. It can strike without warning and make people look as thoug... [More]

BBR invests in 'Blephex' to enhance patient care

5 September 2014
BBR Optometry is delighted to announce it has purchased a new piece of innovative ophthalmic equipment, ‘Blephex’, to aid the successful treatment of common condition Blepharitis.  B... [More]


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