BBR Optometry helps Hereford triathlete see the world in a new light

7 January 2020
The importance of being able to see clearly in most sports is critical, and crucially when you’re travelling at high speeds on a bike or running a fast pace on your feet you need to be able to see clearly ahead. Since 2018, BBR Optometry has been Jemima Cooper’s eyewear sponsor. Jemima is a Hereford-born triathlete and below she tells of her incredible journey throughout 2019 and her plans for the year ahead. [More]

Bespoke loupes provide clear vision for precision workers

16 November 2015
As a low vision aid specialist, Independent Hereford optometrist BBR Optometry has provided bespoke Dental and Surgical Loupes for more than 15 years to help professionals carry out highly skilled, pr... [More]

BBR patient with bloodshot eye reassured by speedy service

19 August 2015
Hereford resident, Sally Johns, has praised BBR Optometry for its speedy response when she developed an extremely bloodshot eye for no apparent reason. She telephoned BBR and was advised to arrive at ... [More]

BBR Optometry saves sight of local man

30 September 2014
BBR Optometry has saved the sight of local man, Colin White, after successfully diagnosing a retinal tear using advanced ophthalmic technologies. When Colin attended BBR Optometry in July for a routi... [More]

BBR Optometry helps local man 'see the difference'

16 April 2014
Hereford based optometrist, BBR Optometry, has helped local man, John Sheary, resolve painful headaches caused by months of wearing the wrong spectacles. John has required spectacles since the age of... [More]

Hereford teenager ditches specs thanks to Overnight Vision Correction

24 January 2014
Thirteen year old Emelia Rogers from Hereford is one of the first people in the county to see a huge improvement in her eye sight thanks to overnight vision correction (OVC) which is a great alternati... [More]


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