BBR's chosen eye care charity gives the gift of sight

21 February 2014

BBR recently received the first newsletter of 2014 from global charity Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), outlining its recent successes and aims for the coming year.

As the first UK member of OGS, BBR Optometry has supported the charity since it was founded in 2005, and loves to hear of its achievements.

OGS’ mission is to ‘transform lives through the gift of vision’; it is the only global charity that aims to prevent blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error. More than 600 million people living in under developed countries are blind or vision impaired due to the fact they do not have access to eye examinations and basic eye care treatments.

Through charitable donations and fundraising, OGS is able to help the millions of people in need by training local eye care professionals, establishing vision centres and delivering eye care and low cost glasses.

2013 saw OGS celebrate the first class of degree-qualified optometrists from Universidade Lurio in Nampula, Mozambique, where graduates have become the very first optometrists in the country.

The charity has also transformed the lives of children in Tanzania due to its ongoing School Eye Health Program, where teachers have been trained to implement vision screening. Finally, OGS reported an outstanding level of support for its 2013 World Sight Day Challenge, which raised more than $850,000 USD for charitable projects worldwide.

BBR practice owner and UK National Chair of OGS, Nick Rumney, says “OGS is an amazing charity that has changed the lives of millions of people in under developed countries by providing access to eye examinations and low cost spectacles."

“During 2013 alone, the charity reached several milestones, including the graduation of the first Optometrists in Mozambique – because of this achievement, Mozambique will now have a secure, long term eye care programme that will save millions of people from impaired vision.”

Thanks to ongoing public support, OGS allocated a record $1.8 million USD to 46 projects in 28 countries during 2013, where key highlights include the screening of 139,450 children via the Child Eye Health Program and the graduation of 34 students with a degree and diploma in Optometry programs in Africa.

Nick continues, “The outstanding achievements of OGS would not be possible without the level of public support and donations it receives – BBR is very proud to be playing an ongoing part in the charity’s activities.”

OGS has set its sights on implementing new eye care programmes in Mexico and Haiti during 2014, extending its global reach to more people who will benefit from the gift of sight.

Read about BBR’s involvement in the 2012 World Sight Day Challenge here. For further information about the programmes implemented by OGS, or to make a donation please visit the charity’s website.




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