Benefits of Optos technology highlighted by testimonial video

24 July 2014

Leading retinal imaging specialist, Optos, has released its latest patient testimonial video, highlighting the benefits of regular retinal screening for the early detection and prevention of serious ocular conditions.

As the first optometrist within the West Midlands to purchase an Optos Daytona Screening Machine, BBR Optometry is always keen to hear about the benefits of such advanced technology.

In the video, private optometrist Denise Kniefel describes her experience in using Optos technology to take regular Optomap images of her eyes. She then explains how she found a naevus in her left eye which at a later stage developed into choroidal melanoma – a rare but serious type of eye cancer that has the potential to spread.

Due to her regular use of Optos technology Denise was able to catch the cancer at an early stage and dramatically improve her chances of successful treatment and survival.

BBR’s Practice Owner, Nick Rumney comments, “The latest patient testimonial video from Optos is an excellent example that highlights the benefits of regular eye examinations and the use of advanced retinal imaging.

“Without the use of Optos, Denise would not have been able to detect her cancer at such an early stage, and treatment may not have been so successful. It is with regular retinal screening that optometrists are able to detect serious ocular conditions like cancer, as well as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy – potentially saving both sight and lives. In fact I seriously question whether I could ever consider practising without one and wonder how others do ?”

Founded 20 years ago by Douglas Anderson, Optos was created to find an alternative patient-friendly method of capturing a widefield image of the retina. The result, Optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging, is a unique technology that can capture more than 80% of the retina in one image - compared to traditional methods only able to show 15% of the retina at any one time.

As the retina is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen, advanced retinal imaging can also detect early symptoms of stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

Since December 2012 BBR Optometry has offered all patients Optomap retinal imaging, and has found it extremely beneficial for the prevention and detection of a range of serious conditions - infact the practice is so convinced of the long term benefits it now offers under 16’s their first ever Optomap free of charge.

For further information about BBR’s comprehensive eye examinations or to book an appointment please contact the practice directly on 01432 265 030.

To listen to Denise’s story and for other Optos patient testimonials please visit the Optos YouTube channel.


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