CBeebies 'Topsy and Tim' highlights there is little cause for concern when it comes to eye care!

22 October 2015

Although the majority of teenagers now perceive glasses as a fashion accessory, many younger children still feel anxious about the idea of an eye examination and the possibility of having to wear spectacles.

A recent episode of the popular Cbeebies programme, Topsy and Tim, successfully highlights that there is little cause for concern, and shows the journey of lead character Tim visiting the optician with his Grandma. Towards the end of the episode Tim learns he needs spectacles and thoroughly enjoys trying several frames until he opts for his favourite.

Much like the episode of Topsy and Tim, BBR Optometry works hard to ensure all children feel at ease when visiting the practice, and has developed a number of specialist services to provide the very best in children’s eyecare.

BBR Optometry Chairman, Nick Rumney, confirmed: “BBR Optometry welcomes children of all ages through its doors on a regular basis. Whether they are attending for a general eye examination, require new spectacles or treatment for a specific eye condition, all of our Optometrists boast years of experience in helping children feel at ease and after an initial visit, many enjoy coming back!”

Amongst its specialist services, BBR Optometry prides itself in its offering of Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) and Colorimetry.

OVC  is the result of a long established and well researched technique for correcting short-sightedness known as orthokeratology or ‘Ortho-K’. The technique uses contact lenses to reshape the eye by applying gentle pressure to the cornea, which is helped by the eyelids being closed during the night. OVC provides the perfect solution for children who may be hindered by spectacles or daytime contacts – enabling them to enjoy 20/20 vision all day, every day.

Colorimetry measures an individual’s response to text when viewed under different coloured light conditions. Used for children suffering with dyslexia or ‘visual stress’, the process can help to identify a colour combination that improves a child’s ability to read text. Reading aids or coloured frames can then be provided, significantly reducing reading anxiety and improving literacy capabilities.

Aside from its specialist services, BBR Optometry ensures it offers a vast range of popular frames for children to choose from, including Disney’s Frozen!

For more information about BBR’s specialist services and eye care for children, or to book an appointment, please contact the practice directly on 01432 265030. 

This episode of Topsy and Tim can be viewed on the BBC’s iPlayer until 14th November.


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