Nick Rumney impressed by tomorrow’s leaders of Optometry

25 April 2016

BBR Optometry’s Chairman, Nick Rumney, has returned from Budapest impressed by tomorrow’s leaders in optometry, after chairing the judge’s panel for the annual CooperVision European FORCE final – taking place from April 15-17 2016.

Described by Nick himself as the highlight of his year, the CooperVision FORCE (Future Ocular Research Creativity Event) is an annual competition in the field of contact lenses, which drives the very best students from colleges and universities from all over Europe to compete in becoming the CooperVision FORCE Student of the Year. 

This year, Nick was delighted to present Izabela Garaszczuk from Poland with the title, who wowed the judging panel in revisiting and transforming current practising techniques, bringing them up to date by using the very latest in ophthalmic technologies.

Nick comments: “This is the fourth year in a row that I have judged the CooperVision FORCE event, and each year I walk away more impressed than the last. 2016’s candidates were a real testament to the advances in both the practice of optometry and the current career opportunities available within the field. 

“As explained during my announcement speech, when I trained to become an optometrist the sector had a poor career structure and lacked long-term vision.

“However, with the onset of globalisation and better communication at academic levels we have seen the creation and development of successful and inspiring companies like CooperVision – who, alongside its industry leading work in developing outstanding products to aid sight, have developed this event in celebration of tomorrow’s leaders in science, technology and optometry practice. I for one couldn’t be more proud.”

Izabela will now enjoy a complimentary trip to an international optometry conference and access to valuable contacts within the optometry field to widen her career opportunities. 

Nick is pictured with his fellow judges Elena Garcia Rubio (National Institute of Optometry, Madrid, Spain), Giancarlo Montani (University of Salento, Lecce, Italy), Pascale Dauthuile (University of Paris-Sud, France) and Dr Beáta Tapasztó (Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary).

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