BBR Optometry supports local charity with computer donation

13 July 2016

Hereford’s last remaining independent Optometrists, BBR Optometry, will be helping members of the local community stay connected through the donation of its computers to charity, Aspire Living. 

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Aspire Living works hard to provide support for individuals with learning and other disabilities across Herefordshire – either within the comfort of their own homes, out and about within the local community or through day care. 

BBR has donated six computers as a result of its recent practice refurbishment, which will now be used within Aspire Living’s Community Hub: a hive of activity that offers individuals a place to meet friends and enjoy a range of activities including surfing the web.

BBR’s Chairman, Nick Rumney, comments “BBR Optometry aims to support the local community as much as possible, and are delighted to have donated our computers to such a worthy cause. We now hope that all members supported by Aspire Living will get great use out of them and can enjoy engaging with peers and family members online within the Hub’s internet café.”

The Community Hub’s Internet Café has also received the support of Hereford based IT consultants, Border Office Supplies and Systems, who have set up and programmed all of the donated PCs. 

Karen Hall of Aspire Living, said: “We are extremely grateful to both BBR Optometry and Border Office Supplies and Systems for the generous support we have received in setting up a fully functioning Internet Café. So many of our supported individuals have really enjoyed using the computers – whether playing games or engaging with friends and family online – certainly a big hit all round!”

Aspire Living’s Community Hub is located on Canal Street, Hereford. Offering a range of scheduled activities, it has become increasingly popular with the charity’s supported members with more than 82 community members visiting on a weekly basis.

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