Get a free ColorMatic upgrade if you buy new spectacles now

17 May 2018

BBR is pleased to announce that is it currently offering patients a FREE upgrade to ColorMatic IQ® lenses from leading spectacle manufacturer, Rodenstock.

All you have to do to qualify is purchase new lenses with a Solitaire® 2 coating for your spectacles before the end of June and you will receive ColorMatic IQ® lenses for no extra charge.

ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses adapt automatically to any light situation: they are fully clear indoors and darken optimally outdoors depending on the light intensity. They simultaneously offer ideal UV and glare protection. 

ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses are available in three timeless design tints: Chocolate Brown, Pure Grey and Racing Green.

“There has never been a better time to take advantage of trying these ColorMatic IQ® lenses which also offer 100% UV 400 protection under all light conditions” he added. 

Find out more about ColorMatic IQ® lenses, by watching this video on our YouTube channel. 

If you would like to benefit from this free upgrade, please contact BBR now to make an appointment. 


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