Ronit Furst owners and designers meet Hereford optometrists

1 June 2018

The owners and designers from one of the world’s leading eyewear frame companies visited Hereford’s BBR Optometry as part of a fact-finding visit

Ronit Furst is best known for its range of eye-catching frames, famously worn by cook and television presenter Pru Leith on Channel Four’s Great British Bake Off programme.

Ronit Furst herself was among the guests to visit the optometry practice in St Owen Street, Hereford.

Her bright and colourful frames were the result of her wanting frames that were personal to her. As an eyewear collector and a prescription eyewear user since childhood, she decided to paint one of her existing frames and this is where her now famous range stems from.

“We’re absolutely honoured to have Ronit and the designers visit us all the way from their base in Israel. They are in the UK as part of a marketing tour and as we stock their range and have quite a few patients who are passionate about their eyewear, they wanted to visit us,” said Nick Rumney, owner and chairman of BBR Optometry.

Ronit Furst was established in 2001 and in 2002 Art Optic Ltd was established, the manufacturer of the hand painted eyewear. Ronit’s son, Tom, manages the main factory in north Israel where the eyewear frames are designed and made.

“We are very passionate about the brands of eyewear we stock and offer to our patients. Ronit Furst is just one of many, but perhaps one of the most eye-catching and why we have such a loyal following from our patients.”

The delegation met with optometry staff at the practice as well as some of the patients who wear the brand.

Ronit and her team set up a bespoke display in the practice window before BBR optometrist Ruth Kettel presented her with a range of gifts from Herefordshire, including mugs, Chase vodka, and Tyrrells crisps.

You can find out more about the range and all BBR Optometry services here.


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