Here at BBR Optometry we are proud to stock the Rodenstock range of lenses and eyewear.

Pioneers of vision since 1877, Rodenstock manufactures lenses and eyewear, understands vision in its entirety and has been developing masterpieces of precision in function, material and design for almost 140 years.

BBR is proud to be the only practice in Herefordshire to stock the Rodenstock range and does so because their products offer the best quality of vision as well as designer frames to suit everyone.

Rodenstock lenses

There are considerable quality differences between lenses. Rodenstock offers quality, tradition and security. We offer innovative lenses for a variety of uses, including using computers, driving and reading, and lenses can be progressive or single vision and also self-tinting.

Progressive lenses
Single Vision lenses
Rodenstock Technologies
Self-tinting lenses

Rodenstock eyewear ranges

Rodenstock manufactures both lenses as well as frames and has been doing so for 140 years. This means an individually matched combination of perfect design and premium materials. The ranges offer a blend of experience and innovation, of timelessly modern shapes, perfect fit and first-class functionality.

The range includes:


rocco by Rodenstock

This range was first seen in the 60s, and then suddenly disappeared like it was swallowed up by the earth but rocco by Rodenstock returned to the scene in 2014. In a retro design and wrought with ultramodern materials, the eyewear are mainly something for trendsetters and the fashion conscious. The yellow rocco circle is the typical distinctive mark and gives each pair of spectacles an individual dab of colour.


Eyewear from PORSCHE DESIGN has remained true to the philosophy of company founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to this day. The luxury brand thrills its customers with functional, purist design and has embodied a very independent type of luxury right from the start: engineered luxury.

For further information about the various Rodenstock lenses on offer, please view the downloadable leaflets below:

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