Seeing the world in HD with Vista-Mesh

Hereford-based triathlete, Jemima Cooper, says her eyesight has been “transformed” by the support of BBR Optometry. Since 2018, BBR has been Jemima’s official eyewear sponsor and below she tells of her of her recent experience with her “magical” new Vista-Mesh lenses. 

“BBR Optometry is always looking for ways to support my training and sports performance. You may wonder how eyewear can have any effect on my ability to swim-bike-run, but I recently started using a new type of lens and the result has been nothing short of magic.

“Vista-Mesh has so many benefits! It provides relief for a range of vision related problems, including: computer use, fluorescent lighting flicker, visual fatigue and it helps to sharpen contrast; all of which are crucial elements to a successful ride.

“The unique lens technology is where the magic happens; it uses tiny cross hashes on the lens surface, which helps to align scattered light reflections and dampen flicker.

“This lens has been transformative! I have it in my reading specs to reduce eye strain during my work day and in my driving glasses to help manage night driving after gruelling training sessions. I also have it in my winter cycling specs and summer sun specs; I find that my performance, particularly on the bike, is enhanced when I have them on.

“What makes this product even more exciting is that no one really knows why the lens mechanisms are so effective. I’m not going to ask questions as to ‘why’, because all that matters is that it really does work! I am a firm believer in finding things that work for you, and for me Vista-Mesh has been extraordinary.”

Vista-Mesh is in its 10th year of supply in the UK. Users have reported significant relief from a number of sensitive eye problems and ailments with dubious causes that have affected hundreds of people. The product can be life changing for users and it has also already inspired new methods for us here at BBR Optometry.

To find out more, pop into the practice and our experienced team will see if these lenses can help transform your life too!

Image caption: Jemima Cooper

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