Enjoy your pastimes even more with Rodenstock’s Ergo® lenses

It is well reported that wearing the correct spectacles for certain tasks, such as reading and driving, can make a huge difference to the wearer.

The same is equally true of glasses designed specifically for wearing when using computers or doing prolonged tasks at a mid-distance, such as painting, craftwork, reading music, carpentry, cooking or many other hobbies.

This is where Rodenstock’s Ergo® lenses can provide the perfect solution for good vision at work or when taking part in hobbies.

BBR’s CEO, Dispensing Optician Nick Black, says: “Rodenstock’s Ergo® lenses are ideally suited to a whole range of work and hobby tasks.

“Whether it is operating machinery, reading music, working at a computer or painting, we all spend a significant portion of our time looking at a distance a little bit further away than we would hold a book.

“So, if we just have reading spectacles, then we are forced to crane forward uncomfortably to see what we are doing but, if we use varifocals, we can get the computer screen in focus but we’ve got to crick our neck back to get them to work for us.

Rodenstock Ergo® lenses provide an answer for this and one of our patients describes his as a “potter pair” that he can wear around familiar surroundings and see everything he needs to while carrying out little jobs around the house,” he added.

BBR Optometry is offering 20% off the RRP of all Ergo® lenses, which is worth up to £75, from February 1 until April 30. If you are on Eyelife you still get all of your normal benefits which bring the discount up to 48%!

Why not watch this short film to find out more about the benefits of Ergo® lenses. 

Please contact BBR to find out more about the benefits of Ergo® lenses and our special offer which is available until April 30 2017 or for more information please call us on 01432 265030.

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