National Sunglasses Day raises awareness of eye protection

It’s National Sunglasses Day tomorrow (June 27) and here at BBR Optometry we want to remind patients and members of the wider community about the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV) protective sunwear and eyewear.

The day, run by The Vision Council, celebrates the importance of wearing sunglasses not just to look good but also to ensure eyes are protected against harmful rays that carry serious risks to people’s eyesight.

Daniel Read, BBR Optometry’s practice manager, says: “This National Sunglasses Day provides a perfect opportunity to stress the importance of staying safe in the sunshine.

“Every day many people decide to not wear sunglasses even when the sun is at its strongest. This carries serious vision risks because while UV radiation is often recognized as the culprit for sunburns and skin cancer, most people don’t realize the damaging impact the wavelengths inflict on their vision. 

“The sun’s unfiltered UV rays don’t just damage skin cells but can also harm unprotected eyes. Years of cumulative exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid, and accelerate conditions like cataracts and age-regulated macular degeneration,” he added.

BBR Optometry stocks a wide range of sunglasses that are available with or without prescription. 

Daniel adds: “Our Dispensing Opticians are experts in helping you find the right solution for you and are happy to give advice. 

“We first recommend starting with finding the right tint for you, and in Maui Jim and Serengeti in particular we offer two of the best manufacturers of sun lenses around, and then you can find the perfect frames to suit your lifestyle, whether they are for driving, sport or just for relaxing,” he added.

Why not come in and see our extensive range of sunglasses and find out more here

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