Natural horn frames offer a luxurious and ethical addition to your wardrobe

BBR Optometry now offers these natural horn frames from Tom Davies which are an ethical product and come from a sustainable resource as by-products of the farming process in India and Africa. 

Daniel Read, practice manager at BBR Optometry, explains: “Every horn frame from Tom Davies is as unique as a fingerprint, with a pattern and texture that won’t ever recur naturally twice.

“Horn is a wonderful material because it is beautiful and has a pattern and lustre that cannot be replicated in a plastic. As a natural material, it is also comfortable to wear, is 35% lighter than plastic and entirely hypoallergenic. 

“It is a luxurious product because of the time and craft that goes into creating it. It takes six months to get a buffalo horn into a condition where it can be worked and then weeks of skilled craftsmanship to create an item of beauty that you can wear,” he added.

Each horn frame will be individual to the purchaser and the exact pattern won’t be known until they are delivered after being carefully crafted by hand to bespoke measurements, if needed.

Daniel adds: “Here at BBR we all love Tom Davies for the freedom that bespoking gives to create something unique and fitting excellently. Many of the staff have a Tom Davies frame and recently Ed Sheeran has joined Nick Rumney and myself in getting one made from horn.

“It is the details that I love as well when you get a bespoke frame made from horn you get a ring or cufflinks made from the same piece of horn, the technical drawings that it was designed from and a pot of cream to care for the material.

“Horn is a luxury product and is not going to be for everyone; you do need to look after it and have it as part of an eyewear wardrobe as we wouldn’t recommend it for continual use.

“Owning a pair of natural horn frame spectacles from iconic British designer Tom Davies can be likened to having a classic car. Just as if you were to drive your E-type every day and not look after it then it won’t be running for very long, a natural horn frame needs to be given extra care and attention to keep in good condition. Not a pair of spectacles to push on the top of your head, dangle on a chain or take into the shower for example.

“It is a strong material but if not treated with respect it can be damaged; if you look after it, though, it could last you a lifetime,” he added.

See how these frames are made in this video on our YouTube channel or the website.

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