World Glaucoma Week to highlight common eye condition

World Glaucoma Week takes place between 11 and 17 March and here at BBR Optometry we will use the week-long campaign to highlight the importance of regular eye examinations to spot conditions such as glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a condition that is easily managed with early detection being key. With advancement in technology, we now have the ability to monitor changes in great detail and assess your individual detail against risk factors to reassure and offer the best protection and earliest detection of any changes.”

The week-long campaign is taking place across the world to raise awareness of the condition that can affect anyone, although it is more prevalent in those aged in their 70s and 80s.

Unfortunately, the condition doesn’t necessarily demonstrate any symptoms straight away. It’s only when an eye test is carried out that an optometrist or eye specialist will be able to spot the signs.

At BBR we would recommend a thorough extended examination as the OCT scans and Optos images that are included in the 40minute consultation with the optometrist are invaluable in obtaining the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment.

An eventual symptom might be blurred vision. You might also see rainbow-coloured circles around bright lights.

Occasionally, people can suffer from acute glaucoma, which can include symptoms of intense eye pain, nausea or vomiting, a red eye, headaches and tenderness around the eyes. 

There’s no need to wait until World Glaucoma Week for an eye examination or to talk to one of our optometrists. Call us to make an appointment at our St Owen Street practice in Hereford and we’ll be more than happy to discuss any eye related matters you might have.

Remember, it’s best to have an eye examination at least every two years.

To find out more about World Glaucoma Week click here

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