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we are proud to supply the Nikon Lenswear collection.

Nikon, whose name is synonymous with "the world's finest lenses", has been providing millions of people across the world and beyond, with a sharper point of view through the most trusted and sought-after optical products.

Nikon prescription lenses are manufactured one at a time for a truly custom-made experience. They're calculated using the measurements and information sent by your optician to fit your correction needs. But the customisation doesn't end there - did you know that lenses can be customised to fit your favourite frame, and even to fit your lifestyle?

The world's finest lenses

Nikon's custom-made lenses combine the powers of advanced technologies - data transmission and processing, digital manufacturing, thin films and varnishes - in order to provide you with the best possible vision.

Our collection includes a selection of single vision and progressive lenses bespoke to a variety of uses; these include computer use, driving and everyday life.

There are a wide selection of coatings available, ask one of our experts in-store today!

All available coatings
By choosing Nikon ophthalmic lenses,
you are entering a world of passion and visionaries.

Find your perfect lens with SeeMax Ultimate

SeeMax Ultimate

Nikon's most advanced progressive lens - bespoke to each wearer with the all-new vision insights and SeeMax technology

By combining Nikon's high precision optics with your 3 unique vision insights, the new Ultimate lenses will make your visual experience even more powerful and personal.

Extraordinary visual precision with SeeMax Infinite

SeeMax Infinite

SeeMax Infinite is the first lens that combines unsurpassed visual performance with a sensitivity personalisation to suit every wearer's preference.

Existing Single Vision lenses are not fully optimised for wearers, SeeMax Infinite welcomes a new experience that changes this.

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