Privileged client plans with very generous benefits

You pay a low monthly subscription…

  • We provide as many extended eye examinations as required, tailored to meet your exact eye care and lifestyle needs, with no further charges.
  • You immediately receive up to 35% discount on
    all glasses and sunglasses.
  • You automatically benefit from:
    • Priority appointments
    • Invites to exclusive premieres
    • 50% off repairs/replacements
    • and much more…
  • Eye Exams

    As many extended eye examinations as you require, irrespective of the length of each visit

  • Up to 35% off spectacles and sunglasses

    available on as many pairs as you want

  • 50% off spectacle repairs or replacement

  • VIP Treatment

    Exclusive access to premieres of new eyewear and services

  • Priority Appointments

    to see your chosen optometrist or dispensing optician

  • Contact Lens Trials

    Consider contact lenses for occasional or full-time use

EyeLife™ Optimum


  • 20% off all spectacles
  • 30% off additional pairs purchased within 30 days

(concessions for additional family members £10.50)

EyeLife™ Elite


  • 35% off all spectacles
  • Free access to new eye examination technology

(concessions for additional family members £15.00)

Concessions apply to additional family members.


  • Can I really buy £400 spectacles for only £260?

    EyeLife™ covers the true cost of the extended eye examination, allowing us to reward our loyal clients with eyewear at greatly reduced prices that are competitive with national discount chains and internet retailers.

  • Are all EyeLife™ plans the same?

    No, we tailor them to suit you! Family history of glaucoma? We'll include the appropriate tests. Concerned about macular degeneration? We will create a dedicated plan for you.

  • What about NHS sight tests?

    The majority of our NHS eligible clients prefer to have the extended eye examination and the superior care that this provides. We will refund or credit the value of the NHS sight test when available to NHS eligible patients.

  • We all wear spectacles in our family, can you help there too?

    Yes you can add additional members at a discount of £1 per month for each additional member. Family concession only eligible for parents, partners and siblings at the same address.

  • How long do I need to sign up for?

    The minimum contract period is 18 months, during which you can attend for examinations as needed. There are no limits on the number of purchases of spectacles or sunglasses. After this time you can cancel with appropriate notice.

  • What about contact lens wearers?

    EyeLife™ provides a monthly payment scheme to cover the costs of examinations. For contact lens wearers a small addition can be added to cover the costs of all professional care (examinations and contact lens aftercare). Note: this amount does not include any contact lenses or solutions. Please ask for details.

    Standard contact lens wearers

    Add £2 per month to EyeLife™ price

    Complex contact lens wearers

    (including extended wear, keratoconus and multifocals)
    Add £4 per month to EyeLife™ prices

To join EyeLife™ please ask for a registration form

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