BBR Optometry saves sight of local man

30 September 2014
BBR Optometry has saved the sight of local man, Colin White, after successfully diagnosing a retinal tear using advanced ophthalmic technologies. When Colin attended BBR Optometry in July for a routi... [More]

Introducing TearScience technology at BBR Optometry

17 September 2014
BBR Optometry is delighted to announce it will soon become one of four sites in the UK (and the only one west of London) to offer TearScience technology for the advanced treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome.... [More]

Great BBR Bake Off promotes healthy 'eye' foods

16 September 2014
BBR Optometry is raising awareness of National Eye Health Week 2014 by inviting the local community to participate in its very own ‘Great BBR Bake Off’. Taking place on 22nd – 28t... [More]

BBR's stylish sunglasses support local charity event

15 September 2014
BBR Optometry demonstrated its ongoing support to Hereford’s leading cultural venue, The Courtyard, last week by supplying a range of its most popular sunglasses for the Fashion Show Fundraiser ... [More]

BBR invests in 'Blephex' to enhance patient care

5 September 2014
BBR Optometry is delighted to announce it has purchased a new piece of innovative ophthalmic equipment, ‘Blephex’, to aid the successful treatment of common condition Blepharitis.  B... [More]

Optical Customer Service exams improve patient care at BBR

27 August 2014
BBR Optometry is delighted to announce that two of its staff members, Clinical Assistant Helen Barker and Optical Assistant Emily Davies, have passed their Clinical Assistant examinations in ‘Op... [More]

Eye Examination or Eye Test?

26 August 2014
As the last independent Optometrist based in Hereford, BBR Optometry prides itself on its ability to offer all patients a thorough assessment of vision and eye health using the most advanced ophthalmi... [More]

Would you like to influence the way your eyecare is delivered by the NHS?

21 August 2014
Would you like to expand the role that we, BBR Optometry, and other optometrists and opticians currently play in eye examination, diagnosis and even treatment? Although spectacle and contact lens... [More]

BBR Optometry highlights benefits of new antibiotic and independent prescribing

28 July 2014
BBR Optometry networks with industry peers to share best practice, and has recently discussed the benefits of new antibiotic Azyter with leading Edinburgh based optometrist, Ian Cameron. Increased re... [More]

Benefits of Optos technology highlighted by testimonial video

24 July 2014
Leading retinal imaging specialist, Optos, has released its latest patient testimonial video, highlighting the benefits of regular retinal screening for the early detection and prevention of serious o... [More]