BBR Chairman to share OCT insights at Madrid conference

We are delighted to announce that BBR’s chairman Nick Rumney will be at the 1st International Swept Source OCT & Angiography Conference taking place in Madrid, on February 10 and 11.

BBR was the first optometry practice in the Herefordshire region to invest in an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanner in 2007 and Nick is a firm advocate of the technology, having given talks around the globe on its benefits. In 2016 BBR Optometry started using the first of the fifth generation OCT instrument, the Swept Source. 

In common with many scientific meetings these days the presentation in Madrid will see Nick presenting a poster about an acute case of placoid pigment epitheliopathy (AMPPE) that was investigated using Swept Source OCT and FFA (Fundus Fluorescein Angiography).

Alongside Nick will be Mr George Morphis, Consultant Vitreo-retinal Surgeon and Medical Retina Specialist, at Hereford’s Victoria Eye Unit, who diagnosed the patient after referral from BBR.

Nick says: “I have taken part in a number of events around the world to raise awareness of the benefits of using OCT and am again delighted to be sharing my experience with fellow clinicians from across the globe at this major event.

“The technology allows optometrists to view 3D images of the inside of the eye which enables us to determine a precise diagnosis of any visual problems. In particular the unique benefit of swept-source OCT is the ability to achieve a risk-free view through opacities such as cataract or blood.

“In addition, Swept Source can look beneath layers of tissues that have previously been invisible unless the technique known as Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (high speed photography following an injection of a dye into the arm) is used, a technique that carries a risk. 

“This means we can identify issues such as the AMPPE in their earliest stages in a less invasive way. 

“AMPPE is an inflammatory disease of the choroid and retinal pigment epithelium and usually spontaneously improves as was the case with this particular patient who was able to benefit from early diagnosis thanks to OCT and the peace of mind that he did not have a more serious condition. This may reduce the numbers of FFA procedures required in future,” he added.

3D OCT imaging is automatically part of your BBR Private Eye Examination and is included in our extension to the NHS Sight Test – find out more about our Retinal Imaging capabilities here

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