Happy New Year! Enjoy 20% off Rodenstock Ergo® lenses this season

BBR Optometry is offering 20% off all Rodenstock Ergo® lenses until 29th February 2020. Pioneers of vision since 1877, Rodenstock manufactures lenses and eyewear, understands vision in its entirety and has been developing masterpieces of precision in function, material and design for over 140 years.

BBR is proud to be the only practice in Herefordshire to stock the Rodenstock range and does so because their products offer the best quality of vision as well as designer frames to suit everyone.

Many people know that wearing the correct spectacles for certain tasks, such as reading and driving, can make a huge difference to the wearer. The same is equally true of spectacles designed specifically for wearing when using computers.

At work, your eyes are constantly moving between the monitor, desktop, and co-workers. With the wrong lenses, this can be tiring as you unconsciously assume an unnatural position to keep everything focused, resulting in neck pain and headaches. The solution is Ergo® computer lenses. The lenses allow your eyes to adjust immediately and can be tailored to individual distances for a monitor, keyboard, document, or other work environment. They create a natural vision with no fatigue or eyestrain and allow for an improved performance thanks to a relaxed, ergonomically correct head and body position.

The discount allows you to save up to £75, but if you are an Eyelife member, you also get all of your usual benefits, which brings the discount up to 48%! 

BBR is a specialist in Rodenstock’s lenses and offers personalised, comprehensive and expert advice. To find out more about the benefits of Ergo® lenses, or to speak to someone about this special offer, please call the practice on 01432 265030.

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