A clear choice – 50% off Rodenstock frames when you buy Rodenstock Road lenses

Driving with clear vision not only makes your motoring safer, it helps reduce strained eyes and fatigue. That’s why Rodenstock Road lenses are a clear choice when it comes to driving spectacles.

For a limited time* you can get 50 percent off Rodenstock frames when you purchase the Rodenstock Road lenses at BBR Optometry.

So why choose Road lenses? Most drivers who wear glasses will know what it’s like when driving in poor weather conditions and darkness or when dazzled by oncoming headlights.

That’s where the Rodenstock Road lenses come into their own. They have been developed to enable the wearer to drive calmly in all these situations.

·         Pin-sharp and high-contrast vision

·         Safe spatial vision

·         Reduced dazzle effects

·         Ideal day-long spectacles

And wearing them doesn’t start and end in a vehicle. While they have been developed primarily for driving conditions, the optimal spatial vision and fatigue-free vision, means they are ideal spectacles for the entire day.

Rodenstock driving spectacles are unique to each user. With the latest technology at BBR Optometry, we use our DNEye Scanner to measure each eye at over 7,000 points. We then use a 3D lens measurement to optimally adapt the lenses to the frame and face. Using these measurements, Rodenstock produce a bespoke lens, ensuring they provide the best vision possible for the wearer.

Call into our practice at St Owen Street and talk to our professional eye care team about the Rodenstock range and find out how you can save 50 percent off frames when purchased with Road lenses.

*Offer ends 31 March 2019

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