BBR Optometry reduces cost of Tear Clinic consultations

There can be times when we ignore what we think are just minor irritations in our eyes. These could be discomfort when wearing contacts lenses, watery eyes, a sandy or gritty feeling in the eyes, soreness, blurry or fluctuation vision, stinging or burning eyes, or just redness.

If these symptoms persist you should consult your optometrist, as the symptoms could be a sign of ocular surface disease. Left untreated the disease can develop long term complications that could affect the eyesight.

“Ocular surface disease can sometimes be mistaken for minor eye irritation. If left untreated it can often lead to more serious complications and so it is safer to see your optician at the earliest opportunity,” said Alison Edwards, an optometrist at BBR Optometry.

“We would recommend a patient with such symptoms undertakes a Tear Clinic appointment where a more detailed examination can take place and treatments can be considered.”

BBR Optometry is a specialist in this field and has reduced the cost of its Tear Clinic, offering patients a professional examination and treatment plan.

At the clinic an evaluation will measure the saltiness of a patient’s tears, the thickness of your eye’s tear film oil layer and the number of partial blinks over a 20 second period.

“Using the latest technology invested in at BBR Optometry we can undertake a range of non-evasive tests that will evaluate the symptoms allowing us to consider the best steps forward,” said Alison.

“Ocular surface disease can be treated in several ways, depending on the severity of the symptoms.”

BBR Optometry treatments include LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation treatment, E-Eye Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, BlephEx Microblepharoexfoliation for deep cleaning of the eye lashes and eye lids, Tea Tree Oil and 40 day Cliradex treatment for Demodex blepharitis and the fitting of dissolvable and permanent punctual plugs to create a reservoir of tears.

“Each patient and their condition is different and so the final treatment, or a selection of them, will be identified and undertaken,” added Alison.

“Unfortunately, there is no cure for ocular surface disease, but with careful management and treatment it can be controlled.”

BBR Optometry has reduced the price of its Tear Clinic. Find out more about flexible payment plans that will cover ongoing clinical care and home delivery of products and treatments for the treatment of the condition here.

For more information or advice on ocular surface disease, patients can make an appointment at our St Owen Street practice in Hereford where our team of eye care professionals will be able to help.

Call 01432 265030 to book a consultation or call in.

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